Brighton & Hove “Bus of the Future”

Brighton & Hove Buses approached 2nd year product designers at the University of Sussex, asking for our idea of “the Bus of the Future”.

Working alongside my coursemate Will Seth, we undertook in-depth research enabling us to produce a set of recommendations as to how BHBC could vastly improve the experience of riding the number 25 bus.


The number 25 is known as the ‘University Route’ and is already innovative with its use of the Bendy Bus, but what could the bus of the future be? Your brief is to design a concept for a Brighton and Hove Bus Company ‘Bus of the Future’, using the number 25 route and its bendy buses as the focus. You will design the exterior of the bus (using the BHBC templates which will be available) in the same way as the full exterior vehicle wraps mentioned above, plus develop a concept for the interior, including new features that could be implemented now – or in the next 10 years. What would the bus of the future be? This is a GROUP project brief, working in design team groups of 2/3.