Lush Cosmetics Knotwrap Packaging

Sussex Product Design students were approached by LUSH cosmetics, asking us to produce some designs for their Knotwrap packaging. The Knotwrap is inspired by Japanese “furoshiki” gift wrapping, and is reusable after its initial use.

We were also asked to design a point of sale unit which would compliment the Knotwrap’s background – LUSH’s knotwrap is made from recycled PET plastic bottles.


Lush currently manufactures and uses a range of different Knot-wraps – from vintage scarves, to printed cotton squares to the printed Greenspun fabric made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, including their own. However, the actual story of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ the 100% recycled plastic Knot-wraps are manufactured is yet to be told.

Your brief is to communicate the campaign of this material transformation (from plastic bottles to fabric), the advantages of using a Knot-wrap over other packaging choices… using the Knot-wrap itself as the canvas. As well as a 2D design for a new Lush Knot-wrap, you are also required to design a 3D ‘point-of-sale’ unit, to allow them to be displayed in the Brighton store. This is an INDIVIDUAL project brief.